DANCER’S INFO2018-05-03T14:18:34-05:00

We book dancers to perform, dance host, teach or simply to social dance and keep the dance floor moving.

We have event opportunities for various dance levels:  advanced beginner – professional.

If you love to dance and enjoy sharing the joys of dance with others, we would love to have you join the team!!

How does Event Dancer work?

  • Event planners contact us looking to add a dance element to an upcoming event

  • We work out the details and send out an “Event Opportunity” email to dancers in the area who are qualified to dance the event

  • You respond YES! if you are available and would like to work the event

  • We confirm your response

  • You dance at the event

  • You get paid for dancing!



Are there skills besides dance you look for in an Event Dancer?2017-07-26T11:10:17-05:00

YES! Here are some other skills that make a great Event Dancer:

  • Friendliness
  • Good communication
  • Flexibility (…with how the event actual flows since things do not always go according to the best laid plans)
  • Timeliness (being on time for events is essential)
  • Accountability

If you have these skills and LOVE to dance, we encourage you to apply.

What is the pay for events?2017-07-26T10:58:27-05:00

Pay rates will vary depending upon what the event requirements are. The “Event Opportunities” email will tell you the pay rate for that specific event,

What if I only want to do performance events with my partner/team?2017-07-24T21:06:44-05:00

With Event Dancer you can choose what type of events you would like to be given opportunities for.

Do I need to be a performer in order to be an Event Dancer?2017-07-24T21:04:58-05:00

Nope. Many events require no performing at all, just fun social dancing and leading a few dance steps.

Do I need to ask people to dance at events?2017-07-24T21:03:33-05:00

Any event that could possibly have dance hosting involved will likely require you to asks event participants to dance and be available if they ask you.

How do I get paid from Event Dancer?2017-07-24T21:00:43-05:00

Event Dancer sends out payment every 5th of the month for the previous month events.

If the event requires teaching, can I teach with a dance partner?2017-07-24T21:17:11-05:00

Although it is recommended that you feel comfortable teaching both lead and follow, some people may prefer to only teach with a dance partner, the lead teaching the lead and the follow teaching the follow. If this is your preference you can let us know during the application process and we will do our best to send opportunities your way that require a teaching pair. Please note that some events only hire one dancer/instructor so if you only teach one side of the equation, you may receive a few less “Event Opportunities”.

What is required to work a dance event?2017-07-26T11:02:39-05:00

The exact requirements of a dance event will vary from event to event. However there are base level requirements such as:

  • A performance event would be booked with a dance couple or team that meets the performance specifications already established when applying to be considered for booking through Event Dancer, however, after a performance the couple/group may need to dance host or lead a few dance steps.
  • Non-performance events usually require a combination of dance hosting and leading basic dance steps.
  • Secret Dancer events generally require dancers to go to an event (often disguised as a participant) and have fun rocking the dance floor.

If you qualify for the level and style of dancing required for an event you will get an “Event Opportunity” email explaining the specific details and requirements of that event.

What level of dancer do I need to be to work a dance event?2017-07-26T11:01:17-05:00

Event Dancer receives various requests and opportunities for a wide range of dance levels. The most common requests require an intermediate or above level dancer. We do at times get requests that would be suitable for an experienced or “advanced beginner” dance level. If you are uncertain of your skill level, we encourage you to apply regardless. We can even help the right person gain the skills needed to be a great Event Dancer!